One Sunday Childbirth Preparation Course

A seven-hour Sunday session in English for expectant mothers (over 24 weeks
pregnant) and their partners, who want to prepare for the birth of their baby in one

This course is presented by Truus Gale, an experienced Dutch midwife with 23 years
practical experience, and a childbirth educator in English since 2005.

In this informative if intensive workshop I will inform you about the Dutch midwifery
system. We take the time to practise the various breathing exercises and a number of
massage techniques in the different stages of labour which can be very helpful.
Your partner will know the do’s and don’ts and the best way to support you.
You learn about available pain relief possibilities so you can make an informed

After the course I will send digital handouts including a concept birth plan.
In other words: after one day you will feel much more comfortable about having your
baby in the Netherlands.


10.00 - 17.00 hours


Course Centre Geboortecentrum Amsterdam
De Genestetstraat 3, Amsterdam
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For information, bookings, questions and comments please mail to:




De Genestetstraat 1-III
1054 AX Amsterdam