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The Maternity Care Centre falls within the overall management of the Amsterdam Birth Centre and has its own manager, a practice trainer, a personnel officer, a number of planners and between 30 and 35 maternity assistants. All members of staff are qualified professionals. Their knowledge is maintained and updated through periodic in-service training courses.

Nadja, manager:
"Our aim is to accept women entirely as they are in the period after the birth and as far as possible allow them to determine what happens themselves. We take on maternity assistants who identify with the Birth Centre's vision and who are naturally able to put this into practice. The cooperation with the other disciplines makes working at the Birth Centre special and unique!"

Nathalie, maternity assistant:
"It's such special profession because you are able to guide mothers as they take their very first steps into motherhood. The great thing is that by teaching the women practical things you can boost their confidence as women and mothers. Breastfeeding is a fantastic vehicle for this. The further the week after the birth progresses, the more you see the bond between mother and baby growing and flourishing."

Maria, practice supervisor and maternity assistant:
"I think that during the first hour after the birth as few people as possible should touch the baby. Only the mother and father. At most the midwife and the maternity assistant can help a little with breastfeeding, but nothing else."

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