Charges and insurance cover obstetric practice

Each year the NZa (Dutch healthcare authority) gives advice on the rates in obstetric care. This advice is taken over by us each year. Would you like to learn more about it, click here. Obstetric care is included in the basic package of the Dutch insurance company's.


De Genestetstraat 2
1054 AX Amsterdam

For non urgent questions call the midwife mo-fri
from 9.00-9.30
020-683 1640

The assistent of the midwifes can be reached by phone mo-fri
from 9.30-16.30
020-683 1640

The midwife on duty can be reached 24/7 in case of labour or emergencies:

Red team:
020 - 260 1706

Yellow team:
020 - 260 1287