Maternity care

A professional assistant to the midwife

During a home birth the maternity assistant provides professional aid to the midwife. She prepares everything for the delivery, supports the woman towards the end of labour, and gives practical help to the midwife and the partner. The maternity assistant then supports the woman, and helps her cope with the contractions by breathing with her, massaging her or just by being a quietly and calmly present. When the baby is born, she notes the exact time. She provides soothing warm cloths and creates a peaceful atmosphere for the first contact between the mother and baby together with the father. Later she assists the midwife during the birth of the placenta. During the first important hours after the birth, she watches over the mother and baby, making sure they aren't unnecessarily disturbed as they make the first subtle contact that is so important for bonding. She helps the mother and baby with breastfeeding for the first time. After a while she assists the midwife with stitching any tears. She makes something to eat and drink, tidies up and changes the bed. She washes the woman after the birth or helps her to shower. Finally she gives instructions and information about the first night.


The supporting and monitoring role of the maternity assistant

Together with the midwife, the maternity assistant supports the new parents during the first eight days. She introduces them to the ABC of baby care. She keeps a careful eye on the medical condition of the mother and baby. Amongst other things she checks the level of the womb, the discharge, and the mother and baby's temperature and pulse. She keeps the stump of the umbilical cord clean and checks if the baby is urinating and defecating enough. The maternity assistant has a supporting and monitoring role. If she thinks something isn't quite right, she calls the midwife straight away. The maternity assistant and midwife are a team. Of course it is the midwife who supervises and takes final responsibility. She makes regular visits during the first period after the birth.



De Genestetstraat 2
1054 AX Amsterdam

For non urgent questions call the midwife mo-fri
from 9.00-9.30
020-683 1640

The assistent of the midwifes can be reached by phone mo-fri
from 9.30-16.30
020-683 1640

The midwife on duty can be reached 24/7 in case of labour or emergencies:

Red team:
020 - 260 1706

Yellow team:
020 - 260 1287