After birth

Celebration At the Birth House, every day there's a celebration for the birth of a baby. The hours after the birth are special and as far as possible we leave them undisturbed. Because both mother and child are saturated in the bonding and love hormone oxytocin. And plenty of time is also needed for the first breastfeed.

                                                                                                                                       ou can stay as long as you like after the birth.The minimum stay after the birth is two hours. You'll always get the time you need to enjoy a well-earned rest together with your partner and the baby. If you'd like to stay longer or have your maternitystay at the maternityhotel, see under maternity hotel.

Of course your family and friends are welcome to come and visit. For every newborn baby at the Birth House, we hoist the flag and pop the champagne corks!

Maternity Hotel

After we have waved you goodbye, one of our maternity assistants takes over looking after you at home. She'll be there to support you six hours a day, and she knows how to make the first week after the birth a time to remember. If need be, in consultation it is possible to increase the number of hours she spends with you. If you would like to stay in our birthhouse for a longer period or if you gave birth in the hospital and were sent home in the middle of the night you are welcome to spent( a part of ) your maternity time in the maternity hotel. A luxury maternity room, 24 hrs of care for you and your baby and all family and friends are welcome to visit!


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