The fee for the use of a luxury birthing suite is € 495 . Most healthinsurance companies will cover at least a part of this. For catering and services like a doula or massage please check the menu in your room.

Maternity hotel

The maternity care is covered by health insurance policies. We will charge you for materials ( € 25 per day), overnight stay for your partner ( € 30 per night) and meals.

Medical insurance and the Birth House

Check whether your medical insurance covers having your baby at the Birth House, if you are insured in the Netherlands. A number of insurance companies partially cover the cost. We are currently negotiating a contract with the insurers so that in future a part of the fee will be paid directly to the Birth Centre. Until this is arranged we will send you an invoice which you can declare to your insurance company yourself.

Midwife's fee

These costs are entirely covered by your medical insurance policy if you are insured in the Netherlands. The midwife will claim them directly from the insurance company.

Maternity assistants fees

The fee for maternity care at your home for a number of hours a day for eight to ten days is almost entirely covered by a standard Dutch medical insurance policy.

Short stay

If you are referred to hospital so your stay at the Birth House is brief (less than four hours) we won't charge you anything in addition to the deposit of € 400.- you have already paid. We'll reimburse the remainder within four weeks. The cost of giving birth under medical supervision in hospital is entirely covered by your standard medical insurance if you're insured in the Netherlands.

Giving birth elsewhere

If in the end you don't have your baby at the Birth House there will be no reimbursement of the € 25 reservation fee.

Pain consultations

To make an appointment for a pain consultation before and/or after the birth, call +31 (0)20 685 38 98. The fee for a one-hour consultation is € 90.-.

Terms and conditions Birth-house Amsterdam

These terms and conditions apply to all our services

The birth-house facilitates birth by providing birthing suites , doulas and catering. The birth-house is not liable for any damage to you or your (unborn) baby at any time during your stay. The attending midwife is the person who carries full medical responsibility. The birth-house is not liable for loss, damage or theft of your belongings during your stay.

Registering and payment
Registration is definite after we have received a reservation fee € 25. Total fee has to be paid beforecheck out preferably by debit card.

Reservations can be cancelled. There will be no reimbursment of the reservation fee It is not possible to guarantee the availability of a room at the moment you give birth

Short stay/referral to the hospital
The length of your stay in the birth-house is unpredictable. The fee will not be reduced in case of a short stay because of a quick birth. If you are referred to hospital within four hours after arrival in the birth-house , we will charge you only € 350 . If you are referred to hospital from 4 hours after your arrival in the birth-house you owe us the full amountamount of € 495


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