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Giving birth in luxury: safe, calm, warm and comfortable

The Birth Hotel is ment for couples who would like an extra feeling of safety brought by constant professional care and attention, making the birth a special and intimate experience. It's also ideal if it feels like feel your house is too small or too high up, or who are concerned about noise for the neighbours. The comfortable birth suites are both homely and luxurious, with an open fire and a soothing bath in which you can spend time during labour, or even give birth to your baby in.

Most women want to be able to move around easily during labour, and have a choice of positions to give birth in. So the comfortable living rooms have warm floors, and a full range of facilities to ease the birth, including a birthing stool. The rooms come with every convenience, from room service to a wifi and TV, and round-the-clock assistance. For your partner or family there's a cafe-restaurant with a pavement terrace just round the corner, where they can have a drink or something to eat, and get a breath of fresh air. You won't want for anything. And you don't need to bring anything with you, apart from some first baby clothes. You're our guest, we'll look after you completely, and while you're with us, the birth suite is all yours. Having a baby at the Birth Hotel is giving birth at the midwife's home!


The Birth Hotel: a safe place where you feel at home

Having a baby is a major life event. It's an exciting new experience. So the best place to give birth is somewhere you feel safe. This makes it's easier to give yourself over to the process of labour. Usually theres nowhere you feel safer than in your own home. So the Birth Hotel is the perfect answer for women who prefer not to give birth at home, but also want to avoid a hospital birth. After all, a hospital is a busy place you associate with strange faces, illness, operations and bacteria rather than with a healthy baby.

The doula is there for you

At the Birth Hotel you can have the support of your own doula, day and night. If you do not have your own doula , you can ask one of the Birth hotel Dopulas to support you.Your midwife is in charge, and she'' ll supervise the birth, but a doula is there specially to support you and your partner from start to finish. She helps you cope with the contractions, guides your breathing, and stays with you until you've given birth. If you like, she'll also massage and pamper you, and help relieve your stress. But mainly, she'll keep an eye on you and see if there's anything you need. There will be moments you would like to be left in peace with your partner. At other times you'll need extra help and support. For your partner it's reassuring always to be able to rely on the doula.

Your own familiar midwife will come with you to the Birth Hotel to attend the birth. Like you, she'll be well looked after in her own midwife's suite. And she can also have a relaxing massage, get a hearty bowl of soup or take a nap. That way she'll have more energy to support you.

Birth Hotel: water birth centre

Water has a beneficial effect throughout labour. In water, the contractions become more effective so labour progresses more quickly. You also experience less pain and find it easier to relax. So at the Birth House we specialise in water births. Each living room has a large, comfortable bath where you can relax, with the fire burning gently in the hearth and soup simmering ready for after the birth.

Helping you cope with pain

The Birth Hotel specialises in pain relief and helping women cope with pain. We use techniques like acupuncture, warm water therapy and hypnotherapy. And in the future we'll also be able to provide gas and air (nitrous oxide and oxygen) and sterile water injections. Both before and after the birth, we also offer extra individual pain consultations. These are one-off sessions on learning to deal with the fear of pain or with previous traumatic birth experiences. The aim is to make sure this time the birth of your baby really is that special moment you can treasure for the rest of your life.

When it's time to give birth

When your contractions start, you contact us in consultation with your midwife. There's a hostess waiting to welcome you 24 hours a day. If you haven't registered with the Birth Hotel during your pregnancy, but during labour and after consulting your midwife you decide you'd like to come to us after all, you're also very welcome. We have plenty of room.

Births are unpredictable, so there's no way of knowing how many women in labour we'll have on a particular day. In the unlikely event that we've suddenly been flooded with births when you go into labour, we can transfer you to the maternity centre at the Saint Lucas Andreas hospital (Bevalcentrum West). During extremely busy periods, of course women with reservations at the Birth Hotel have priority.

Referral to hospital

Our way of working means that as far as possible we limit the chances that it will be necessary to transfer you to hospital. However, of course it's possible that the birth may take an unexpected turn. We work closely with a team of gynaecologists on call, so there's no unnecessary delay. And we collaborate with the Saint Lucas Andreas hospital, the VU University Medical Centre and the Slotervaart Hospital, which are all just a safe ten-minute drive away from the Birth Hotel. Distance, transport and travel time to hospital never present a problem.


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