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Home visits and first appointments

When your baby is around two weeks old, you will have an intake appointment at the baby clinic. Depending on your postcode, this may take place at the Birth Centre's clinic itself, or you may receive a home visit. The appointment will last about an hour.

Your first proper clinic appointment, when you will see a nurse and a doctor, will take place around four weeks after the birth. If for some reason we don't contact you to arrange these first visits, perhaps because you are not at home or unavailable when we call, you can always call us yourself to make an appointment. You can find the phone numbers below under the heading "signing in and out".

During the intake we will:

  •     Get introduced
  •     Open and fill in your baby's file
  •     Explain the "Growth Guide " (Groeigids, available in Dutch) and give you a copy to keep
  •     Provide information on the clinic
  •     Give information on sleep safety for your baby, breast feeding, or other topical matters
  •     Weigh your baby
  •     Answer any questions you may have

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