Pregnancy classes in English

Pregnancy classes in English
Childbirth Class Gale is specialised in prenatal classes for expectant expat couples. All courses are in English and for you and your partner. Childbirth Class Gale offers a range of courses, from five weekly sessions to in-house individual preparation, and everything in between.

We offer two of these childbirth classes at this course centre.
1) One Weekend childbirth preparation course;
2) Four-hour childbirth preparation course.

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Truus Gale
Course centre

Geboortecentrum Amsterdam,
De Genestetstraat 3

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One-Weekend childbirth preparation course
This course starts on a Saturday afternoon and continues on the Sunday morning. In total, seven hours of information in English for expectant mothers and their partners, who want to prepare for the birth of their baby in two sessions on one weekend. The best time to take this workshop is when you are between 30-36 weeks pregnant.

This course is presented in English by Truus Gale, a childbirth educator since 2005 and a down-to-earth Dutch midwife with 23 years of practical experience. In this informative if intensive workshop we discuss the Dutch midwifery system. We practise breathing exercises and massage techniques which can be helpful in the various stages of labour. Your partner learns about the dos and don’ts and the best way to support you. You understand the available pain relief options so you can make informed choices along the way. We also try out the different birthing positions. And you meet other expectant expat couples in the same phase of life as you are.

At the end of the course, you receive printed and digital handouts, including a concept birth plan and interesting links to continue your preparation. In other words: after this weekend workshop you feel more comfortable and confident about having your baby in the Netherlands.


Please check for dates and timings.

Course Centre Geboortecentrum Amsterdam
De Genestetstraat 3, Amsterdam

Four-hour childbirth preparation course
This class is a childbirth preparation course in English in four hours intended for ladies between 30-36 weeks of pregnancy, with or without their partners.
This course is presented by Annet Coumou, an experienced Dutch midwife with more than 20 years of practical know-how and a childbirth educator for Childbirth Class Gale since 2020.

This four-hour course is a one-off childbirth preparation session to prepare you for childbirth and offer the basic information you need to make informed choices. We also do some breathing and massage exercises.  If you already have a child, you may find this afternoon useful as a refresher as you work towards another big day.
After the course we send digital handouts with extra information and relevant links.

Please check for dates and timings.

Course Centre Geboortecentrum Amsterdam,
De Genestetstraat 3, Amsterdam

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