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Birth and Maternity Hotel

A haven of tranquillity

On the well-known ‘Birth street’, an ordinary Amsterdam house has been transformed into maternity and birth hotel. It is one of the few maternity hotels in The Netherlands. A haven of tranquillity where you can safely deliver your baby in a luxury birth suite in the way you prefer, or where you can spend your maternity days. You will have a lovely large bath, rain shower, a fireplace and a spacious double bed, as well as 24-hour care and attention if you wish. We also offer the options of water birth and additional safe pain relief.

You and your own midwife are most welcome to deliver your baby in the Birth and Maternity Hotel Amsterdam.

Geboorte en Kraamhotel Amsterdam
Deliver your baby in luxury

General information

The Birth and Maternity Hotel Amsterdam offers space for women who wish for an extra sense of safety provided by the continuous professional care and attention to make the delivery of their baby an intimate and even more unique experience. Women who feel that they live in housing that is on a too high floor or which is too small or too noisy are also more than welcome.

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The Delivery

Delivering your baby in the birth hotel

In the birth hotel, you deliver your baby the way you choose to with the guidance and support from your own midwife.

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At the maternity hotel

Maternity period

Also when you did not deliver your baby at the birth hotel, you can still spend (part of) your maternity period at our maternity hotel. You will have a luxury room with a lovely double bed, bath and shower, TV, and WiFi. We will take care of you and your baby day and night. Naturally, your partner can also stay overnight and your visitors are most welcome.

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"A fireplace, water birth, and additional options for safe pain relief."

Birth Hotel


Giving birth at the Birth Hotel is more expensive than hospital childbirth elsewhere. The costs for a luxury birthing room amount to €510. When giving birth in a hospital, you will need to take a private contribution of €318 into account. At the Birth Hotel, however, you are welcome to arrive in the early stages of labour and you will never be sent home in the middle of the night.

Furthermore, the comfort, interior room design, services, and support provided by the Birth Hotel are beyond compare to a standard hospital or birth centre room.

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Birth and Maternity Hotel

Registration and contact

You can register for a stay at the Birth and Maternity Hotel Amsterdam via the registration button on this website, by sending us an email or by giving us a call. You are also welcome to drop in so we can show you around. Please call first when you intend to visit us. This is one of the few maternity hotels in The Netherlands and the only one in Amsterdam. – 020-6185567

Would you like a guided tour? Please call before visiting us.

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Would you like a guided tour? Please call before visiting us.