Growing up the healthy way

Child Health Clinic

Child Health Clinic Amsterdam offers the unique possibility to have your child’s first four years of life after birth monitored within the familiar and personal atmosphere of the Birth Centre. Together with you, we will follow the development of your child and we offer our support on how to raise a child. Our clinic is part of Jeugdgezondheidszorg Amsterdam. Visits to the child health clinic are free of charge.

Child Health Clinic
The Parent and Child team

The Centre

To ensure that your child can grow up and develop in the most healthy manner, our child health clinic offers help and support. We have a permanent team of four youth healthcare nurses and two doctors. All youth healthcare nurses are part of a Parent and Child team. They collaborate closely with other parent and child advisors and child psychologists in your area. The team is here to help you whenever you need support with raising your child.

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“The team is here to help you"

consultatiebureau Amsterdam
Consultatiebureau Amsterdam

First appointment

All parents in Amsterdam are visited by the GGD (municipal health services) screening team between day four and seven after the birth. They perform the heel prick blood screening and a hearing test. During this visit, it is important during that you indicate that you wish to be counselled by our child health clinic. The screening team will then pass on your child’s details (Name and address details, citizen service (BSN) number, name of your GP). Our staff will then contact you to make an initial appointment. You can also phone us yourself if you wish.

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"We will monitor your child's development within the familiar and personal setting of the Birth Centre."

Weighing and measuring

The Consultation

Our consultations at the Child Health Clinic Amsterdam follow a set schedule.
The appointment with the nurse takes 20 minutes. If you need a joint appointment with the doctor, then it takes two times 15 minutes. The child is always weighed and measured and, based on the Van Wiechen schedule (similar to the Bailey scale), the child’s development is monitored. The appointment allows for plenty of time to ask questions.

If you wish to have your baby weighed outside of regular appointments, you can make an appointment on Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 15:00-15:30.

You can get the 22-week vaccination against whooping cough during a walk-in clinic at thursdays from 15.00-16.30.

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Consultatiebureau Amsterdam Geboortecentrum
Postal and visiting address

Contact Child Health Clinic Amsterdam

Child Health Clinic Birth Centre children aged 0-4 SAG-JGZ
De Genestetstraat 3
1054 AW Amsterdam

To make an appointment, please call the appointment desk of the SAG/JGZ at number 020-5814080, on working days from 08:30-12:00 and from 13:00-16:30.

For administrative issues, please email us at
We kindly emphasise that this email address should NOT be used for making or changing appointments.

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Consultation by phone and weighing appointments

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