Child Health Clinic

First appointment

The first postnatal appointment
Your first appointment after the birth of your baby will be with the GGD.
All parents in Amsterdam are visited by the GGD (municipal health services) assessment team between day four and seven after the baby has been born. They perform the heel prick blood screening and a hearing test. During this visit, it is important that you indicate that you wish to be counselled by our child health clinic. The screening team will then pass on your child’s details (Name and address details, citizen service (BSN) number, name of your GP). One of the Child Health Clinic Amsterdam staff members will then contact you to make a first appointment at the clinic. You can also phone us yourself if you wish.

het eerste contact na geboorte

Registering yourself
You can also call the SAG/JGZ appointment desk to register your child yourself. Appointments can be made on working days between 08:30 and 12:00 and from 13:00 until 16:30 at number 020-5814080.

Your maternity nurse can also contact the child health clinic. When you are registered, we will either come and visit you at home or you will have an intake appointment at the child health clinic on the fourteenth day after the birth.

The postal codes eligible for home visits are: 1011 – 1012 – 1015 – 1016 – 1017 – 1053 – 1054 – 1057 – 1058 – 1071 – 1072 – 1075 up to the Ceintuurbaan – 1056 – 1052 to the Jan van Galenstraat. If you do not live within these postal codes, you and your child will have the first intake appointment at the child health clinic.

Consultation by phone and weighing appointments

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