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The Parent and Child team

Youth Health Services (Jeugdgezondheidszorg) Amsterdam
To ensure that your child can grow up and develop in the most healthy manner, our child health clinic offers help and support. We work have a permanent team of four youth health care nurses and two doctors. All youth health care nurses are part of a Parent and Child team.
They all collaborate closely with other parent and child advisors and child psychologists in your area. The team is here to help you whenever you need to support with raising your child.

jeugdgezondheidszorg Amsterdam

Youth Health Services Amsterdam – from 0 – 4 years
Every child in the Netherlands is entitled to the basic services package established by the government. During your child’s first year, you will have approximately eight scheduled visits. The following three years, you and your child will come by once or twice per year. To ensure that your child grows up and develops in the most healthy manner, the child health clinic offers help and support. Within the Birth Centre, the midwives, (maternity care) nurses, and doctors all collaborate closely. Over the next four years, you can ask our staff anything about your child’s growth, (breast)feeding / nutrition, development and upbringing of your child. In addition, they will also monitor your child for any developmental disorders. You will also be offered the national childhood vaccination programme.

Our Staff
We have a fixed team of four youth care workers, nurses, and two doctors. The nurses are Sietske Hoogland, Marjolein van Breugel, Hetty Koopmanschap, and Annemieke van Kralingen. Our doctors are Eveline van Eijk and Marjolein Hessels.

Contact details youth health services Amsterdam
To make an appointment, please call the appointment desk of the SAG/JGZ at number 020-5814080, on working days from 08:30-12:00 and from 13:00-16:30.

Consultation by phone and weighing appointments

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