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Extra information because of the coronavirus: Our team of the course centre found an online solution to continue their antenatal classes. Until they are able to see you again in the centre they will meet you online.

At the Birthing Centre, we hope to offer you and your partner, as parents to be, everything you need during your pregnancy. Apart from the antenatal, perinatal and postnatal maternity care given by our midwives and maternity nurses, we also offer a wide range of antenatal classes. We have our own course centre where we work with instructors who reflect our vision. They will provide you with loving and expert support during your pregnancy and prepare you for the birth of your child and the beginning of parenthood.

We recommend that all women follow an antenatal class. Also when you are pregnant with your second child because it just feels really good to take some time and an hour of relaxation per week for this baby as well. During the antenatal class, you and your partner will learn many things about being pregnant and childbirth. You will also meet other young mothers and fathers who will have a child of the same age as your own child. This sometimes results in friendships for life!

Register for a class when you are about 20 weeks pregnant.

For questions about the different classes, including administrative questions, you can contact the course instructor directly. The contact details are listed with every class.

Pregnant and Fit Compact

Informative, active and practical childbirth preparation. Are you looking for a course that prepares you for labor and delivery, while simultaneously staying fit? Pregnant and Fit Compact is the perfect choice!

Course by Truus Gale, an experienced Dutch midwife with 23 years
practical experience, and a childbirth educator in English since 2005.

MOM&CO. The not so average pregnancy course: a complete, fun, informative course that fully empowers you and your partner to create that positive experience!

Private (couple) sessions also in english. Interested in an introduction? Every monday morning 10-12 (free) open consultation at the midwifery practice! Group lessions IN DUTCH. Vertrouwen krijgen in de bevalling door aanraking en contact tussen jou en je kindje wordt je in deze cursus aangereikt.

Practical course. Information about the birth in one morning. Information about the fases, breathing techniques, positions, and how to manage the pain. Besides being a breathing coach, Greetje has 25 years of experience in helping couples preparing for birth.

IN DUTCH. De cursus zwangerschapsyoga is een combinatie van doeltreffende ademhalingstechnieken en ontspanningsoefeningen, actieve yogahoudingen en nuttige informatie betreffende je zwangerschap en bevalling.

IN DUTCH. Je leert in het hier en nu te komen, met alle aandacht voor je lichaam en je ongeboren baby. En hoe je dit kunt toepassen bij de bevalling, waar het je zal helpen rustig en gefocust te blijven.

IN DUTCH. The first aid course for parents at the Birth Centre is given in Dutch. But there are several others in Amsterdam given in English. See the wesbite Amsterdam Mamas, and Simone Davies.

Corinne Sprenger is specialized in pregnancy massage, overdue massage, fertility massages and a massage for after the delivery.

Meike Wouda, Fysio Mom, knows everything about how to start slowy with physical exercise. The group lessons are IN DUTCH. But she also gives private sessions. And you can bring your baby!

IN DUTCH. Wil jij naast de liefde en zorg voor jouw kindje ook een manier vinden om ruimte en compassie voor jezelf te hebben?

IN ENGLISH. You can contact our lactation expert, Marieke van Luin, about a (private) session in english. She is the best. And she can give you all the ins and outs on breastfeeding.

IN DUTCH & ENGLISH. Every month one of our midwifes will tell you all the important information about the delivery. Also see the page links & downloads for more labour and birth information.

cursus zwangerschap voorlichting zwangerschap

"A class sometimes leads to lifelong friendships!"