One Saturday English HypnoBirthing course

The course is provided by Esther George, midwife since 2005 and certified HypnoBirthing trainer since 2010.
After this course you and your partner will be self confident and well-prepared to give birth in the Netherlands to have a beautiful birth experience.

Esther George


During the HypnoBirthing course you will learn more about:

• Giving birth in general and what happens with your body during labour (what to expect, what to do, how the Dutch system works)
• Slow breathing technique, to put you in immediate relaxation at any time
• The Fear-Tension-Pain circle and how to eliminate that, instead we will learn the importance of the Trust-Relaxation-Endorphin circle
• Several relaxation-, and visualisation exercises
• Important tools for the birth partner: what to expect, what to do to help her during labour, light touch massage
• Letting go of fears for birth exercise if necessary
• Writing a birth plan (what circumstances you find important during labour)
• Importance to move freely during labour
At the end of the course individual phone call appointments will be planned with everyone with 37 weeks, to answer individual questions.

10.00-17.00 hours

October 30th, 2022

Course Centre Geboortecentrum Amsterdam. De Genestetstraat 3-I Amsterdam

€350,- including all course material, lunch, individual phone call at 37 weeks. Because the course is given by a midwife, it is often reimbursed by your health insurance!


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