The maternity services

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

At the maternity care centre of Het Geboortecentrum, you are assured of professional maternity care by expert maternity nurses who take your personal situation and needs into account. The maternity care offered by the Birth Centre provides you with the best possible start for you and your baby. We work with an enthusiastic team and collaborate closely with your midwife, so you will have a close-knit at your bedside.
Read more about the unique maternity care in the Netherlands at the website: Healthcare for Internationals.

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The first few days

The postnatal period

The postnatal or maternity period is the first eight to ten days after giving birth. Your maternity nurse will visit you in the postnatal period at your home to familiarise you (and your partner) with parenting and to ensure that you and your baby recover well from the birth. This allows you and your family to enjoy your maternity time as much as possible. With her tips, support, and expert knowledge, the maternity nurse is your anchor in this first important week.

Maternity care after a home birth

Have you decided on a home birth? In that case, the maternity nurse will assist the midwife during the delivery. After the birth, the maternity nurse will stay at your home for another two to three hours to help you settle, to take care of you and your baby, to tidy up and to help and advise you with your baby’s first feed.

Maternity care after a hospital birth

Did you have your baby at the hospital? Are you ready to go home? Contact us by phone between 07:00 and 18:00 and we can tell you when the maternity nurse will come to your home. We are available for medically indicated care 24/7 and we can also send a maternity nurse to your home during the night in case you need initial care.

A good start

The role of the maternity nurse

The maternity nurse of our maternity services Amsterdam will visit you at home daily during the maternity period to help you with the care for your baby and to monitor you and your baby carefully. She plays an important role in getting the (breast)feeding started. Depending on the number of agreed care hours, she will also perform a number of daily household tasks and, when necessary, take care of the other family members. Your maternity nurse will adapt her work to your wishes and as much as possible.

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Collaboration with midwives

Maternity care by the Birth Centre

The Birth Centre collaborates closely with the midwives. This close collaboration between midwives and maternity nurses is an important aspect of our care. The midwives and the maternity nurses know each other well and have regular meetings. Your midwife will visit you about three times during your maternity period. The midwife maintains medical responsibility during this period.

With love and dedication

Who are we?

We give families a good start. For eight days, we are a lifeline for your family and we will do everything we can to provide you with the knowledge you need to care for yourself and your baby after the first maternity week.

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"I had a lovely maternity period. It was great to see that the midwife and the maternity nurse worked as such a great team."

Practical matters

Preparing for your maternity period

Your entire pregnancy period is basically one big preparation for what is to come. Your body changes and your baby grows. In addition, there are practical matters that you and your partner can do to prepare you well for childbirth and the maternity period.

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Before the fourteenth week

Registering for maternity care

We recommend that you register with us before the fourteenth week of your pregnancy. You also need to let your health insurer know that you wish to receive your maternity care from our Birth Centre. When the insurer has confirmed this to us, we can complete your registration and you will receive a written confirmation from us within one week.

Costs and hours of maternity care

Practical information

How many hours of maternity care will I get? How are these hours calculated? What will my own contribution be?

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Contact after the delivery

088 – 77 88 575

between 07:00-18:00