Midwife Amsterdam

Looking for a Midwife Amsterdam? At het Geboortecentrum we believe in full care and support voor new parents. This way, we offer an unique concept in one street with an obstetric practice, a Birth – Maternity Hotel, a Course Centre (also in English), a Maternity Care Centre and the Clinic. Everything you need during your pregnancy, childbirth and young parenthood. We are located at a very central location just behind the Leidseplein and we have an extra location in the south of Amsterdam at the Stadionweg. Would you like more information or a personal session? Click the button here or call 020-6831640

The Geboortecentrum exists since 1994 and is the oldest and best known obstetric practice in Amsterdam en surroundings. Because of this, we are often asked for information and comments on pregnancy and childbirth by various people and media. One day Tamani Zamani (midwife) was asked by de Telegraaf (Dutch News Paper) if they could spend a day with her to see how the life of a midwife is:

Midwife Amsterdam – Freedom of Choice
You and your pregnancy are our central focus point. We believe in the power of women and the process of childbirth. Every woman is different and together we make a plan. For us, it is very important that every woman feels at home with her own vision and demands for the process.

Midwife Amsterdam – het Geboortehotel
There are many documentaries about the Geboortecentrum in the media. Underneath you find two. One is with two Dutch presenters Dennis and Valerio from BNN.

The other one is with English artist Peter Andre for Itv. Both are filmed in the Geboortehotel.

Midwife Amsterdam – Contact
Are you interested in Midwife Amsterdam of the Geboortecentrum or one of our other services and would you like to make an appointment? Click here or call 020-6831640 for an appointment in our location in Amsterdam Zuid/West/Centrum (Genestetstraat 2) or Amsterdam Zuid (Stadionweg 37-1hg).


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