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The midwifery practice

At our Geboortecentrum, you will receive all the care you need as expectant pregnant women and parents. This includes the care from our midwife practice, which has been in existence for over 30 years. The various departments at Geboortecentrum work closely together. From maternity center to child health clinic. Everything important around your pregnancy proces is connected in one little street in Amsterdam. This ensures peace and confidence.

In the thank-you cards, you can read the experiences of pregnant woman who were under care with us.

The Midwifery Practice Amsterdam

Meet our team

Our experienced midwives offer guidance with time and attention from the very moment you wish to become pregnant. We value that you can be pregnant and give birth in the way that suits you. Together with you, we look at what you need to have a safe and relaxed period of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

In our practice have two personal teams of midwives: Team Red and Yellow. You will be assigned to one of these teams based on your zip code or place of residence.
All pregnant women from Amsterdam and Badhoevedorp are welcome in our practice.

Are you under hospital care and looking for a midwife for aftercare?
We are also here for you and your baby during the postpartum period.

All care in one centre

From planning to start a family to maternity, all the specialists you need

Available 24/7

You can always contact us.

Personal care

Always a midwife from Geboortecentrum available during your delivery

Own Control & Safety

We value your preferences. We are here for you.

Satisfied Clients

Rated with a 9.8 on Zorgkaart Nederland.

De verloskundigenpraktijk Amsterdam midwifery practice

Monday through Friday: 09:30 – 17:00.
Evening consultation on alternating days until 21:00.

Every working day there is also a telephone consultation hour from 09:00 to 09:30.
Do you have a question for the midwife?
We are here for you every day to answer all your questions.



Midwifery practice in Amsterdam

All pregnant women from all over Amsterdam are welcome at our practice. You can come to our practice from Amsterdam-Centrum, Amsterdam-West, Amsterdam-South, Amsterdam-East, Amsterdam-North and Badhoevedorp.

We hold consultations at various locations throughout the city. All pregnant women are welcome at our main location at De Genestetstraat 2H, where both team Red and team Yellow have consultations. There are also consultations at the following locations:

Team Yellow: Amsterdam-Zuid, Stadionweg 37, at GP practice ‘Dokter Zuid’.
Team Red: Amsterdam-Houthavens, Raveleiland 74, at ‘Medisch Kwartier’
Team Red: Badhoevedorp, Snelliuslaan 35 (Dorpshuis Badhoevedorp)
Team Red: Badhoevedorp, Sloterweg 152A (Groepspraktijk fysiotherapie)

At our midwifery practice Amsterdam, we see you. See what other pregnant people think is important in the video to the right.


What I love about our practice is that we all work from the same vision: to help women be their best selves. Essential to this is giving them confidence in themselves.

-Mignon, midwife Team Red.


The waiting room

We value the fact that you can unwind for a while in our practice. Fresh flowers, the latest magazines to read with a nice cup of tea and reading and play opportunities for the little ones. Every week all the names of the newly delivered mothers and their babies come at our mirror. Many pregnant women know each other from the antenatal classes. Taking a look at the mirror is often the first thing pregnant women do when they enter the practice.

Wheelchair users can always receive a home visit by arrangement.

verloskundigenpraktijk wachtkamer

Support with conceive?

Do you wish to become pregnant? There is may be a lot on your mind. You may succeed immediately, or it turns out that it is not so effortless. At Geboortecentrum Amsterdam you can also get personal advice and support in the process to become pregnant.

In a preconception consultation with you, our midwife will discuss with you what you need to increase the chances and a healthy start of the pregnancy. We can offer various tests and provide a selection of treatments from specialist who are specialized to help you conceive.

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You can always call us


When you are pregnant, you will visit us an average of ten times for check-ups. You and your partner are the focus. We adapt our care to your requirements. It is always possible to have an extra check-up whenever you feel the need. We believe in the ability of women to stand in their own power and prefer to provide care in which you feel comfortable.

We ensure that there is always time to check on you and your baby the same day if necessary.

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Your birth preferences are important to us. We will do everything possible to facilitate your wishes. The midwives at our midwifery practice are completely focused on supporting you during this process before, during and after childbirth. We incorporate our years of experience.

There is always an experienced midwife from the Birth Center who comes to support you during labor.
We can guarantee this as one of the few practices within Amsterdam, because we work with two teams and back each other up if needed.

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Also in the first weeks after giving birth, there is a lot of contact between the midwife and you as parents. We are responsible for you and the baby during the first weeks. Therefore, we will visit you several times. We’ll see how you’re doing, provide information, discuss maternity care checks and, if necessary, help with positioning the baby.

In addition, our emergency line is open 24/7. Many parents like to ask that one last question before they go to sleep.

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Giving birth and breastfeeding

Information meetings

We schedule an additional consultation to discuss the delivery with you and your partner individually, your personal needs are unique. In preparation for childbirth, we have recorded videos so that you can watch all the information you receive in an information evening about childbirth on your own time together. In these videos the midwife will give you all the important information about childbirth and the first period after.

Monthly we organize an information morning about breastfeeding. Our experienced lactation expert Marieke van Luin gives you all the ins and outs.

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Close cooperation

We work closely with some amazing women. Over the years, we’ve connected with more and more solo professionals and companies who give great care to “our” pregnant women. Who really stand beside you and help you along.

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In case of emergency and contractions

team Yellow: 020 2601287

team Red: 020 2601706

If unreachable, call the other team

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