Pregnancy, Birth and Maternity bed


Corona & Pregnancy
The scientific studies so far still indicate that COVID-19 expresses similarly during pregnancy as it does outside of pregnancy, and that the risks to the baby have so far been minimal. And based on the current knowledge, there is no increased risk of miscarriage or birth defects attributable to an infection with the novel coronavirus.

What can you do to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and protect yourself:
1) Wash your hands regularly (20 sec)
2) Keep distance 1,5 meter
3) Cough or sneeze in a (always new) tissue paper or in the inside of your elbow
4) When you have symptoms (fever, respiratory complaints such as coughing, common cold, sneezing, shortness of breath) please don’t visit the practice and stay home from work.

“We are here for you 24/7”

Prenatal check-ups during Corona (until 31th of March 2021)
• The partners are welcome again to the pregnancy check ups at the practice.
• The check-ups at our practice will last a maximum of 15 minutes. Longer appointments like the intake (first appointment), when we speak about your birth-preferences or the check up 6 weeks after the birth, will be by phone or video call.
• Wearing a facemask is obligated in our waiting area.
• Don’t come to our practice if you have a cold, cough, have a fever of don’t feel well, and contact our assistant.

Below the schedule as we follow it now:

• First meeting: by telephone or video call or a physical visit at our clinic (our assistant will set the appointment with you)
• Term ultrasound: ultrasound center (Echo Amsterdam)
• Information on prenatal testing: by telephone
• 11 or 12 weeks: bloodsampling for pregnancy bloods and the possibility to do NIPT at SHO in the Echocenter
• 13- 16 weeks: check-up at the practice (with partner if desired)
• 19-21 weeks: ultrasound at the ultrasound center + telephone contact
• 24 weeks: check-up at the practice or telephone contact
• 27 weeks: check-up at the practice
• 30 weeks: check-up at the practice
• 33 weeks: check-up at the practice
• Discussing the birth-plan: by telephone, video consultation or during your 35-week check-up
• 35 weeks: check-up at the practice
• 37 weeks: check-up at the practice
• 39 weeks: check-up at the practice
• 40 weeks: check-up at the practice
• 41 weeks: home check-up/stripping

Partners and children
We welcome you again together to the check-ups.

Location South and Badhoevedorp
South – Team Yellow: The checks will take place at the agreed location, including in the South.
Badhoevedorp – Team Red: The checks will take place at the agreed location, including in Badhoevedorp.

Echo Amsterdam (until the 19th of January 2021)
• All scans can take place again.
• Also scans at your own request.
• Your partner can come. It’s max. you + one.
• Wearing a facemask is obligated.
• Please don’t bring children.
• Don’t come to our practice if you have a cold, cough, have a fever of don’t feel well, and contact the assistant of Echo Amsterdam.

Corona and giving birth
The partner is allowed to attend during the process of labour and birth. However in half of the Amsterdam hospitals no extra person is allowed to attend. During a homebirth with us however, an extra person is allowed. Since may 28 in OLVG n extra person, like a doula, is allowed. Offcourse if that person has no symptoms. (we expect this to still be so during the lockdown till the 19th of January 2021)

““We are very happy and impressed with the Dutch healthcare system for pregnancy and birth””


Corona and the maternity bed
We will do one maternity visit at home again. The other visits we do, as we have recently done, by telephone or via video consultation, unless of course there is a special reason to come visit you at home.

COVID-19 vaccin and pregnancy
Given the data currently available, since pregnant women were not included in the studies, vaccination during pregnancy is currently not recommended. The recommendation is to get vaccinated after your pregnancy. If you have any health conditions that put you at a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19, then the benefits of vaccination during pregnancy may outweigh the (theoretical) risks. Talk to your doctor about whether vaccination during pregnancy might be the better option. (Source: RIVM)

Curfew (from 23 January 2021)
• If you have to go to the hospital or to us for an emergency consultation, you do NOT need a ‘self-declaration of curfew’. After all, you always have to be able to go on the street in case of an emergency.
• If you are almost due and you know that there is a good chance that you will have to go out in the evening / night in the upcoming weeks, our advice is to have a completed form “Self-declaration curfew”. This can be printed or digital. This statement is not obliged, but it may make it easier to continue your journey.
• Do you have family/friends who come over during the delivery? They DO need a “Self-declaration curfew” when outside. Ask them to prepare this in advance, it will save stress during your delivery.
• The mentioned “Self-declaration curfew” is found on the website of ‘de rijksoverheid’.
• Don’t forget, always bring your ID.


Midwife on call in case of any emergency and / or pending birth

Red team 020 2601706

Yellow team 020 2601287