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Giving birth

You can call us anytime when you go into labour. We have no rules about how long you should have been having contractions before you can call us. We are ready for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We will come to you if you wish and stay with you if you would like us to. For as long as this is necessary.

Giving birth

Your choice

You and your partner decide how and where you want to give birth. We will do everything possible to facilitate your wishes.

A pregnant woman who is well-prepared for childbirth is often a happier mother after the delivery. We know this from practice and research. This is why we try to prepare our pregnant women well for childbirth. We encourage everyone to go to antenatal classes, we talk about the delivery, sometimes based on a birthing plan, and we have an information evening about childbirth. This way, you what to do and expect when the birth starts

Giving birth with a birthing plan
A birthing plan can improve your delivery. By recording and sharing your expectations and wishes about your childbirth with us, we get to know you better so we can take your wishes into account.

We already know a lot about you, of course, after all the check-ups you have had. But maybe you need to be referred to another person during the delivery. This can mean that, during part of the delivery, you are not attended by us, but by a physician assistant or obstetrician you have not met before. We know from practice that hospital staff check birthing plans very carefully and, if possible, adapt their protocols to your wishes.

Another good reason for having a written birthing plan is that this makes you and your partner think carefully about what you want. Research has shown that women who are well-prepared for childbirth generally look back on the experience with a greater feeling of satisfaction. The same applies to women who feel that they were heard during the childbirth and that their wishes were respected. Both of these aspects are improved by writing a birthing plan.

Tips for a good birthing plan? Here you find our own format with practical tips!


"When you go into labour, you can call us any time"

Safety during childbirth is paramount. The safest childbirth is one in which intervention is kept to the safest possible minimum. It is important that you have powerful contractions. The stronger the contractions, the faster the delivery, and the greater the chance of good progress without complications.

The midwives are fully focused on helping and supporting you throughout the process, for which they can boast on many years of experience. We have our knowledge of hormones and how to affect them. Our knowledge of protocols to provide safe care. Our voice that helps you through contractions, our hands that can give you a massage. Our love for women in labour, our dedication to giving also this baby the most beautiful start in his or her new family.



Labour pains are quite intense. A positive feeling of confidence and mindset regarding the pain will help. It gives you the power to turn normal fear and uncertainty into feelings of challenge and curiosity.

Pain literally helps during childbirth as it stimulates a safe progress and delivery. This is because pain causes the body to produce endorphins. This hormone reduces the influence of stress hormones. Stress hormones inhibit the delivery, so the more endorphins the better. During labour, endorphins and the bonding hormone oxytocin flow through the placenta to your baby as love hormones. In the first hours after giving birth, these hormones fulfil the beneficial role as bonding hormones for both mother and child. Never again will so many bonding hormones be active in the mother and the baby.

Pain management
Every woman knows best how she wants to give birth. We will help you with this. Some women experience the pain they have as too severe and we can offer effective pain relief. It is the woman who decides when this moment has come.

Midwives know the important role of pain and so they will help the woman in any way they can in dealing with the pain during the contractions and the birth itself.

During our own information evening about childbirth, we will tell you all about the four different types of pain relief: laughing gas, the epidural, remifentanil, and pethidine. You can also find this information in the directory on the website of ‘the midwife’ or you can watch the video.


Midwife on call in case of any emergency and / or pending birth

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