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We value personal attention and time for you and your partner. Therefore, we work with two teams, so you get to know your midwife thoroughly and we have room to provide care in the way you prefer during your journey.


'…Being a midwife starts with having the courage to rely on the woman and her strength…'

“What I love about our practice is that we all have the same vision in our work: we all try to help women to be the best that they can be. The most essential part of this is to empower them.

Being a midwife starts with having the courage to rely on the woman and her strength. Purely by being present in a loving and facilitating way. Your confidence will reflect on the woman. It is my job as a midwife to put myself in her situation as much as possible and to sense what she needs. I am touched by couples who really go through the whole process as a couple. That is such a wonderful start for the baby and for parenthood!”


'…When I ride home afterwards while the sun comes up, I feel very fulfilled.'

“I find it amazing to see that a woman slowly becomes a mother during her pregnancy. You see her blossom and see her confidence in herself flourish and grow.

Giving birth can make you feel that you can take on the whole world.
You also come across some unusual situations: I once had to attend the delivery at a Moroccan family; it was her fourth or fifth child. I took a look under her skirt and saw a leg…. Or that time when I arrived on the scene and the baby was already lying next to the mother. When the story about the birth poured out, it actually turned out to have been breech delivery.

The first encounter between the father, mother, and baby move me time and time again. When I ride home afterwards while the sun comes up, I feel very fulfilled.”


'…Being able to see a woman grow in her empowerment is the greatest thing…'

“From the moment a desire for childhood arises, the journey to parenthood begins. I was very fascinated as a child about being pregnant and the body’s ability to create a baby and so much more from only two cells.

It is so wonderful to be able to be involved in this special process and guide expectant parents with the path they choose. Even when a pregnancy is not fully planned, you realize that these 9 months are for a reason. I love being able to empower you to do this together. The emotion that overflows at the first time you meet your baby is undescribable…. I would grant that to anyone!

When a woman senses that she is going into labor – even though there are no clear signs of contractions or amniotic fluid loss yet – I always have faith in that feeling. The mother’s feeling transcends everything. I was once with a couple and they were having their fourth child. She called me: “I think the baby is coming tonight”. I get there directly to be close and in time. I came in and after 5 minutes the baby was there…. Her feeling was right even though there were no obvious signs. So wonderful that you really do know as a mom.”


'…I see a huge difference compared to 30 years ago when I started as a midwife…'

“Giving birth in a way that makes you feel most comfortable as a pregnant woman is what I find extremely important.

I see a huge difference compared to 30 years ago when I started as a midwife. Nowadays, there is more room to discuss the fears and insecurities that are a natural part of pregnancy and childbirth. I try to make women calm and confident. And, of course, the one woman benefits from an entirely different approach than the other. This individual approach and the quest to find the best approach makes me love my job most of all.

I once attended the delivery of an English lady who, as soon as she knew she was pregnant, was adamant that she was going to get an epidural. In the end, she delivered her baby all on her own strength because she had become much more self-confident; not just thanks to all the information we had given her but also because she had been able to express her fears. She was so happy and proud after her delivery. Fantastic! Giving birth can hugely boost your self-confidence for the rest of your life!”



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