Maternity Care Centre

Practical information

Number of maternity care hours Amsterdam
The number of hours of maternity care that you get is calculated based on the Landelijk Indicatie Protocol Kraamzorg (LIP) [National Indicator Protocol for Maternity Care]. This is a national care indication model established by the health insurers and maternity care organisations.

During the intake interview, your specific situation is assessed. Based on this information and the guidelines of the LIP, the required number of maternity care hours is established. The Birth Centre strives to provide the required number of hours to every maternity family. During the maternity period and if the situation calls for it, this number can still be modified in consultation with the midwife.

Costs and health insurance
Your health insurer will reimburse the calculated hours of maternity care. You do pay a personal contribution of €4.50 per hour for maternity care Amsterdam (2020). You can contact your health insurer to find out how much your own contribution will be, as this varies between insurers.

Do you have supplementary insurance? Then it is likely that your health insurer will reimburse the personal contribution. You can find in your policy conditions or in the reimbursed fees overview of your supplementary insurance or you can contact your health insurer.

Contact after the delivery

088 – 77 88 575

between 7.00-18.00