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Additional care and collaborations

We collaborate closely with a number of amazing women. Over the years, we have connected with more and more solo-professionals and businesses that, as we noticed, provided ‘our’ pregnant women with great care. People who really stand by your side in every way.

Below, you can see our regular professional partners.

A team is not a group of people who work together; a team is a group of people who trust each other. (Simon Sinek)


Professional treatments in the field of nutrition, diet and lifestyle coaching. Nancy and her colleagues also give consultations at the Birth Center.

Mensendieck Exercise therapist. THE specialist for the treatment of pelvic issues / complaints! Thamar gives consultations at the Birth Center on Thursday afternoons / evenings.

For mother and child! An all round practice with a lot of knowledge and experience. Jody specializes in the treatment of (pelvic) complaints that may arise during and after pregnancy (including diastasis problems). And Anna is a child-physiotherapist who specializes in treating babies.

Meike Wouda provides post partum pilates at various locations, including at the Birth Center. She gives private “abdominal muscle consultations” at the Birth Center and a weekly outdoor lesson at Westerpark.

Da Costa fysiotherapy is among other things specialized in pelvic floor problems.

Fleur Segeren and her collegues specialized in pelvic (floor) problems and tailbone injuries. For in and after the pregnancy. (Amsterdam South)

Lactation consultants: In addition to providing home consultations, lactation expert Marieke van Luin is happy to facilitate the breastfeeding information at the Birth Center.

We regularly work together with Myrthe and can heartily recommend her


We regularly work together with Heleen and can heartily recommend her.

We regularly work together with Denise and can heartily recommend her.

One of the best acupuncturists in the Amsterdam area. Manon has years of experience with pregnant women!

Are you looking for a good osteopath? Valerie Groeneweg has extensive experience with pregnant women and babies.

A pregnancy- or birth coach (in addition to your own midwife). We have great experience with Doula Maartje.

A pregnancy- or birth coach (in addition to your own midwife). We have great experience with various doulas.

It often happens that during pregnancy or after, women feel gloomy, easily irritated, anxious and / or stressed. We regularly refer to Merith Cohen de Lara or one of her colleagues. Also for EMDR.

When pink clouds are not pink clouds.

The postnatal period and / or period with young children is one of the most vulnerable times in a relationship. Timely help from a mediator, for example, can prevent a lot of misery.

Janneke Prein: Are you pregnant or have you just had a child and are you looking for balance in this new phase of life? Do you want to get a grip on the impact that having a child has on your relationship and your career?

Are you looking for someone to provide continued care AFTER your maternity care ends? Maartje Crone is there for you. She can help you with a number of problems, including: crying, sleep and feeding problems, problems establishing a rhythm, problems bonding with your baby.

Sanne is verloskundige en gespecialiseerd in de periode na de bevalling, ook wel het postpartum tijdperk genoemd. De eerste maanden kunnen een behoorlijke uitdaging zijn. Ze heeft hiervoor cursussen ontwikkeld om moeders te ondersteunen bij deze grote overgang. Ze biedt 1 op 1 begeleiding en organiseert moedergroepen. Meer weten over Sanne, bekijk ook het filmpje op haar website.

Osteopathie voor moeder en kind!
Gespecialiseerd in: alles rondom zwangerschap en baby’s. Vrouwen zijn o.a. welkom voor kinderwens, klachten voor, tijdens en herstel na de zwangerschap, pijn aan stuit, sectio, constipatie, hoofdpijn. Baby’s kunen behandeld worden voor o.a. onrust, overmatig huilen, overstrekken, voorkeurshouding.
(Amsterdam en Badhoevedorp)

Maria geeft zelfstandig lactatiekundige voorlichting, advies en begeleiding bij borstvoeding. Ze heeft een internationaal diploma (IBCLC) en is ingeschreven bij de Nederlandse Vereniging Lactatiekundige (NVL).

Midwife on call in case of any emergency and / or pending birth

Team Red 020 2601706

Team Yellow 020 2601287