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Pregnant and Fit

Pregnant and Fit, childbirth course
Staying fit and preparing mentally and physically for giving birth? You can! You follow this informative, active and practical course in a small group with a maximum of seven other pregnant women. In two partner classes your partner will learn how to support you. At the return meeting we see each other again with baby and exchange experiences; a nice conclusion to this positive and realistic course. We use tools, tips and exercises from my book Liefdevol bevallen.

Lerares bewegen met je baby, Mindful zwanger cursus en Zwanger en Fit

Mirjam Vos

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Pregnant and fit
Bewegen met je baby

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Course content
*Comprehensive information about being pregnant, giving birth and about the first time with your baby,
*Active, dynamic exercises to music to stay in shape,
*Attention to correct posture and daily movements,
*Attention to proper use of your pelvic floor,
*Relaxation and breathing exercises and pressing technique,
*Birth postures and movements to optimize your baby’s birth,
*Attention to how to stay in control,
*Attention to a number of possible interventions,
*Two partner classes so you go into labor as a team (lessons 7 and 8),
*Preparing for parenthood and focusing on your recovery (lesson 9),
*Return meeting with babies (lesson 10).

At home you can continue to practice using a number of videos and audio files with:
*Relaxation and breathing techniques,
*Postures and exercises for your pelvic floor,
*Learned massage techniques and use of the robozo by your partner.
You will also receive a comprehensive handout to review everything.

Pregnant and Fit consists of ten one-and-a-half-hour classes: nine classes before your delivery, two of which are with your (delivery) partner, and a return session with your baby.

Zwanger en Fit compact/Pregnant and Fit Compact is given in Dutch or in English. This course consists of five two-hour classes before you give birth, the last one with your partner and a return session with your baby. This pregnancy and birth preparation course consists of five classes, including a partner class and a reunion.

It is helpful if the course ends four weeks or less before your due date, check out the full course offerings to find the best fit. This course is reimbursed by many health insurance companies, please check with your health insurance company.

Mirjam Vos has worked at the Birth Center from the very beginning and has been teaching pregnancy and baby courses for 25 years. Thousands of women and partners followed her preparation for the birth of their child and as many parents learned from har how to massage their baby. She has trained other birth care professionals, provides continuing education to doulas and is author of the book Loving Childbirth. Her trainees describe her as down to earth and empathetic and a thought leader. She is a mother of two grown children.

Learn more about Pregnant and Fit or register. Can’t find your answer there? Email or call me at 024896882 and I’ll be happy to help!